Rapid Tips is committed to providing useful tips and information on Indian stock market. Our FAQ section is a further attempt to satisfy all the queries and confusions of our readers.

All our investors and intraday traders may refer to the below FAQs to solve the most common queries. The questions covered here relate to the basics of the stock market.

Do your tips guarantees profit in trading?

Rapid Tips helps in trading thoughtfully with tips and technical analysis on Indian share market. Yet, it does not guarantee that a person will make a profit by following the tips. Investors are advised to follow our tips on their own will without any claim on work-ability and usefulness of the tips. The strategies and advice have different applicability as per the market situation.

What is the meaning of technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a study of the current market mood using various tools. The major tools for technical analysis are charts, intraday time indicators, and averages.

What are the services you provide?

Rapid Tips offers free tips and education in share market trading for the beginners and learners.

Do you provide tips on Mutual Funds? What are the benefits of trading in Mutual Funds?

Yes, our blog covers mutual funds. Mutual Funds are a mix of funds gathered from small investors. The overall funds are invested in different forms like bonds, stocks, and IPO. The biggest benefit is an easy access for the small investors for diversification of the portfolio through professional management.

Which is the best intraday rule according to you?

As per our financial experts, setting a target and a stop loss is the major intraday trading rule. Going with the market trend is yet another golden rule. You may refer to other intraday trading rules shared on our blog.

What is Book Building?

Book building is a process of generating and capturing demand for shares during an initial public offering. The price of the shares is determined on the basis of the demand.

What is short selling in intraday trading?

Short selling refers to the selling of the shares or stocks that are not in the seller’s demat account. Short selling is selling stocks that are not owned but lent by any other broker or brokerage firm.

What is the meaning of Rollover in Futures & Options segment

Roll over in F&O simply means exiting from the current position and start a fresh position in the same stocks in the next month. The rollovers expire on the every last Thursdays of all months.

How to apply for IPO online?

An investor needs to have a trading account with the financial institution or stock broker. Login the trading account and select the IPO you want to apply for. Transfer funds to your trading account and select the number of shares and price for bidding. If IPO is allotted to you, the shares will be credited to your Demat account.

What is the eligibility for opening a trading account?

Any individual, HUF, and any other business entity of India can open an online trading account.