Get BTST Calls & Tips for Today NSE Market 


Rapid Tips delivers 3-4 BTST calls for NSE market in one week based on the latest trends. We provide the most accurate tips for intraday traders in the future and options segment and perform complete follow up on the calls.

What is BTST?

BTST in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) market stands for “Buy Today Sell Tomorrow”. In this investors hold a long position till the next day either in future and options or cash segment of NSE market. They sell or buy in the future and options segment and then square off the positions right in the next trading day before the market session closes.

When the market moves in bullish trend, and is going to close, you can choose for a BTST trade. We here at Rapid Tips even recommend btst calls today when you are able to notice particular stocks whose value would increase tomorrow. When the market opens in the next day then it can either be green or the gap up would encourage buying based on BTST tips.

In this, investors can use both future and contract segments and cash, but we advise to make opt for F&O because this segment allows you to invest at a relatively low capital along with lower brokerage. Any intraday trader dealing with the cash segment has to pay more for the brokerage and thus won’t be able to buy more F&O segments as they could.

Traders should not opt for BTST when an important event is going to happen in the economic calendar. This can be anything related to the Indian and Global Markets such as the company employment report, demand and supply report, consumer reports, to stay away from the volatility that might be seen in the next day when the market opens.

What is STBT?

STBT is the opposite of BTST which stands for “sell today and buy tomorrow”. This means the investor takes forward a sell position of the F&O segment till the next trading day. It is normally used when the market shows bearish trends during the closing time. Our expert advisers suggest to sell the stocks immediately if there is an upcoming global event in the next session. Day traders must short sell the F&O segments because they might fall short of the cash segment.

Features of BTST/STBT Call by Rapid Tips:

The exceptional features of STBT/BTST Tips for NSE share market are:

  • We specify current price, stop loss, quantity and target
  • We come up with complete & detailed follow up by experts
  • We make use of premium SMS and email services to alert investors
  • Small traders can use cash segments in low quantities and exit for small profits
  • Accuracy Ratio of Rapid tips is higher than 85%
  • We never sell below or buy above rather Buy and Sell at the latest price

Want to know more about free BTST stock tips, btst calls for today & tomorrow and how they can lead to sure shot profits? Contact us our team of experts will be there to resolve your queries in no time!