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Technical Analysis Software India: Research and knowledge are not the most useful tools in the stock market which will provide you the upper hand; you would need powerful best technical analysis software that would assist you in every step. Most of the stock trader utilizes the analysis software when they are planning to make a move by selling or buying stocks.

When you tie up with a broker farm, you will find that they will offer some free or paid analysis software which will provide a varied amount of research, trade report, analysis function, etc. Most of the best technical analysis software used by expert traders is equipped with different amount of features which include trade automation, alert trait, news, a technical indicator, fundamental study and much more.

However, it is not easy to choose the useful ones from bunch available on the internet, but if you go through this article, you will find the names of six best technical analysis software India. All the top software is highly rated by experts mostly because of their functionality and features.

6 Best Technical Analysis Software for 2020

Using the technical analysis software during share trading serves as the smartest way to analyze the market condition of a particular share. Here is the list of some useful and dominant technical software in the market:

#1 MetaStock Trader

If you are planning to opt for highly functional software that will assist you in every way then MetaStock is a viable option. This software provides features like technical indicators more than 300, news, data with filtering and screening feasibility, drawing tool, etc. It analyzes data from various areas spread across the world.

#2 eSignal

eSignal is well-known software among trader and it mainly because of the array of the features offered in various packages. This software has a global reach, and it provides analysis of derivatives, stocks, bonds, Forex, and fund. Apart from these features, it also provides news, fundamental figure, alert capability, back-testing, technical indicators, etc.

#3 Ninja Trader

This is widely popular best technical analysis software where you can enjoy order entry, third-party library integration facility, execution with personalized development choice and various other crucial features. Ninja trader even offers more than 100 technical indicators, risk-free trade coaching tutorials, trade simulators, etc.

#4 Wave59 Pro

If you are an experienced expert trader then this would ideal for you because it provides many advanced features like AI module, Fibonacci Vortex, Gann-based tools, etc. You will also enjoy features like integrated order execution, system testing, neural network, training feature, etc.

#5 ProfitSource Platform

The ProfitSource platform is suitable for highly active traders in the share market as it provides automated technical indicators, Elliot Wave analysis, back-testing feature and much more. This software covers all type of asset class whether it is options or equities.

#6 VectorVest

Vector Vest provides some high functional packages in India, and most important feature of these packages is that it provides best intraday indicator for various prime funds and stocks. You can even enjoy features real-time filtering, charting function, personalization, back-testing, etc.

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