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Stock market has become one of the most popular investment avenues in India. The ability of the stock market to generate big returns makes it one of the favourite investment place for investors and traders. In order to mint money successfully while trading, one has to keep a track of stock prices and monitor it continuously. Therefore, the trader must track the stock prices on a reliable and fast website. One such website is Rediff Money. It is very popular among the trader’s community. In this article, we shall understand the features and functioning of the Rediff Money website.

Money Rediff Home Page


Rediff Money Wiz: Home Page

The home page of the website offers many features and information. Firstly, you must log in to the website to use most of the features. The home page has a ticker bar that displays the stock prices. If you wish to view the real-time price of any stock, just put the name in the search bar on the website and click enter. The detail of stock includes 52 weeks high and low, charts, trade volume, etc. The home page also shows the live prices of various sectoral indices and real-time news. In addition, the home page also shows the stocks that are most traded, stocks with high market capitalization, global markets and much more. Along with stock prices, you can also look at the details of various mutual funds we well.

Money Rediff Website

My Rediff Money Portfolio

On the home page of money Rediff, you will find the segment “My Portfolio” on the top. Here you can add stocks that are part of your portfolio and monitor their price movements. You can add the purchase price of your stock and Rediff Money shall evaluate the profits or loss on it automatically. This feature helps in tracking the performance of your Rediff Money Portfolio.

My Rediff Money Watchlist

Another feature that money rediff provides is the watchlist feature. You can add multiple stocks in the Rediff Money Watchlist and monitor their price movement. The stocks can be arranged as per the alphabets or the price movement depending on the preference of the user. By seeing the live prices you can take the trade accordingly.

Market Trend

Under this feature, you can look at the global and domestic indices. The global indices help in determining the trend of the Indian market. In addition, you can also view the prices of commodities, currencies, etc.

Market News

Redif Money News

This segment on the home page gives the latest news and information. The real-time news helps in tracking the movement in prices of a particular sector. The quick update of information on the page ensures that no important news relating to any stock is missed out.

Investment Tool

The investment tool helps you in analyzing the performance of a stock or mutual fund over a period. The tool compares the returns of a stock or mutual fund in a given period of time with components like NSE Nifty, Gold, Silver, etc.


Under the forex segment, you can look at the current rates of different currencies against Indian Rupee. The page also provides the option to convert one currency into another.


The indices segment of the page shows the rates of different indices of the Indian stock market. The information consists of previous close price, the last traded price, change in points, change in percentage, etc. On the below of the page, you can see the real-time news of the indices.


Redif Money Sectors

This segment shows the prices of different indices in various sectors. Just like the indices segment, this section on the page provides information on previous close price, the last traded price, change in points, change in percentage, etc. The page also shows the real-time news about sectoral indices.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds page on the Rediff money page gives the information about top 25 mutual funds schemes in India along with their returns. You can click on the scheme and read about the details of a particular mutual fund scheme.

Gainers and Losers

Rediff Money Gainers

The gainers and losers segment on the page represents the stocks that rose and fell the most in terms of percentage. By looking at the data a trader can prepare himself to take a position in the stock in the next trading session. Furthermore, you can look at weekly and monthly data as well.

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