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In the stock market when the trader or the investor purchases the stocks of the particular company and get the ownership of that particular company. The company gives the reward to their shareholders in two ways one is buyback and the second was a dividend.

In this article, our stock advisory company contains the clarifications about the question that is many time strikes in one’s mind that from both of these which will be the better one.

• Share Buyback

In this process, the companies decrease their number of the shares that is expected in the marketplace, by buying the shares at a premium price on the current market price. This premium is an approach by which the companies give rewards to their shareholders, by which the shareholders get motivates for this and they take part in the buyback procedure.

The company takes this initiative to implement the method to increase the value of the remaining shares that are available to reduce the supply. Another reason is the compensation that is provided to the employees and the management with the stock rewards.

• Dividends

Dividends act like a bonus to the shareholders, which is given as the share of the company’s after-tax profits on an annual or quarterly basis. Dividends are not subject to give the assured. The decision depends on the board of directors of the company. They have the power to cut or to terminate the dividends at any time.

Even though the dividends don’t seem to be positive, many investors still have confidence them as a supply of earning. Significantly, retirees who look for a stable supply of financial gain produce a schedule to gathering dividend checks on a quarterly or annual basis, though, the young investors who might not like the profits currently – will place those dividends checks by reinvesting them for portfolio growth.

Which one is better?

Both the dividends and buybacks are known as the sign of the company that does not have any productive investment possibilities that are available in the market.

In dividend, the capitalist needs to pay taxes on them whereas filing tax returns. But, it doesn’t mean it’s a nasty means of profitable shareholders. There square measure some as wherever the dividends are higher than buybacks.

For beginners, dividends provide complete transparency as data is well offered on monetary websites and company capitalist relations sites but the information on buybacks is extremely troublesome to search out.

Buybacks could also be called a tax-efficient means of profitable shareholders however temporal order is extremely important for buybacks to be effective. It’s a proof of the confidence of a corporation in its prospects however if the shares after slide, then that confidence may be lost.


Both the dividends and buybacks are giving a conclusion regarding company performance. Currently, if the company is giving the dividends or buybacks to the shareholders we can conclude that the company has not any further expansion projects and therefore the additional earnings or the deficit earnings are accumulated from the shareholders.

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